VINOMIO Wine Chiller on sale at 20% off on Amazon

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(Elkhart, IN. March 19, 2014)

Cucinatura announced that their VINOMIO Wine Chiller is on sale at Amazon with immediate effect. The price has been reduced by 20% and the sale will be on while stocks last.

Many people who enjoy a good glass of wine feel daunted by the different serving temperatures that are recommended to fully unlock all the flavors contained within a wine. Wine temperature is a very underestimated and very important fact about the appreciation of wine: Discerning wine drinkers who only buy expensive bottles will not be very happy when served a wine too cold or too warm. This is why most people resort to using cooling cuffs, ice buckets or even ice cubes in the glass to keep wine cold not realizing that each of these methods have their draw-backs.

Ice buckets are very often messy because of drops that form on the outside of the bucket. Added to that the fact that the wine bottle is dripping water all over the place when removed from the bucket to pour. Cooling cuffs on the other hand are mostly not very nice to look at and ice cubes are just a no-go because they water down the wine – which is a terrible waste of the money that was spent on the bottle.

Cucinatura’s VINOMIO wine chiller chooses a new direction on the road of keeping wine at the appropriate serving temperature. It keeps the wine cold from inside the bottle with a stainless steel wine chiller stick. The built-in aerator removes the need to decant the wine and the drip-free pouring spout allows you to pour the wine without removing the chiller from the bottle.

VINOMIO is made from FDA approved food grade materials. It’s hygienic and easy to clean with no loose parts. The sleek and timeless Mediterranean design fits all standard sized wine bottles. VINOMIO is sturdy and built to last with no nonsense. This wine chiller can be used as a white wine chiller to keep pre-chilled whites cold for an hour as well as cooling off room temperature reds to the appropriate serving temperature.

Anni Schramm, spokesperson for Cucinatura says that they’ve had such great feed-back from folks that have bought Vinomio, and that they really feel like they are making a difference in people’s understanding of how important it is to drink wine at the right temperature.

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