What is the Ideal Temperature to Serve Wine?

Posted by | Miscellaneous | April 28, 2014

People drink wine for various reasons. There are those who enjoy wine as part of their dining habit, others drink wine when socializing with people, some drink wine to relax and others see it as a hobby. There are those who enjoy it through a mix of these reasons. The reason for drinking can vary but the one common with all wine drinkers is they want to get the most out of their wine. One important factor of wine-drinking that is often neglected is finding the right temperature at which to serve it.

Ideal Temperature to Serve Wine

If you are a wine-drinker then you have probably experienced being disappointed by a bottle from which you have expected a lot in terms of flavour. You might have been expecting it to taste great but when you finally sampled the wine, it fell short of your expectations. Most likely you were disappointed because it was not served at the right temperature.

Some people tend to ignore the importance of serving wine at the right temperature and that is why they fail to enjoy their wine. The flavor that is locked within a wine bottle can only be fully enjoyed at a certain temperature. To put it on more elaborate terms, the aim in finding the right temperature to serve wine is to unlock the aromatics from the wine without ruining the taste. When you serve wine that is too cold you won’t get to taste all of the flavours within it. When you serve wine that’s too warm then you will only get the bad taste.

When the wine is too warm the alcohol is going to be emphasized in its taste. When it’s too cold the flavours are going to be muted and for red wine, the tannin will actually seem like astringent, leaving an unpleasant sensation.

There is no set temperature that is ideal for all kinds of wine. It’s actually a matter of personal taste. But there is a certain temperature range at which wine should be served.

Temperature Ranges for Wines

Rosés, sparkling wines, and light dry white wines should be served at Serve at 40° to 50° F. That is also the best serving range for dessert wines. Light, fruity reds and full-bodied white wines should be served at 50° to 60° F. Ports and full-bodied red wines should be served at 60° to 65° F.

Serving wine at the right temperature has a lot to do with how you store it. Drinking from a bottle that has been sitting out in room temperature for some time is not the best move. There are digital thermometers that you can use in order to check if a wine bottle has reached the right temperature.

If you are going to serve and drink wine, you might as well get the most out of each bottle. You can only do that if you serve it at the right temperature.

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