Celebrities with Wineries

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Celebrity-branded wines are becoming more popular than ever. Some celebrities are no longer satisfied with just having their names being placed on wine bottles. They want something more. They also want to be involved with the whole wine-making process. Because of that they become celebrity winemakers.

There are two kinds of celebrity winemakers today. The first one are those get in touch with established wineries to have a wine produced based on their specifications. The second kind of celebrity winemaker is someone who buys an existing winery.

Some celebrities come from families that are originally connected with winemaking before they became famous. One of the best examples of such a celebrity would be the director Francis Ford Coppola (pictured above) whose family has a long tradition when it comes to winemaking.  But most celebrities are just newcomers to winemaking. They are just using their new-found wealth in order to purchase wineries or they are cashing in on their fame to sell wines.


Francis Ford Coppola

Here are some of the more well-known celebrities who are connected in some way to winemaking:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – As one of the most celebrated power-couples in the world today, they have a lot of money and they are very influential as well. They bought the Chateu de Miraval which is in France.

Drew Barrymore – While Drew Barrymore does not have her own winery, what she has is her own wine label. Barrymore Wines is available in the market with the help of Wilson Daniels of Italy which is a wine importer.

Original Source: Wkipedia

Drew Barrymore. Original Source: Wkipedia

Olivia Newton – The actress was one of the first celebrity winemakers. In 1983 she established her Koala Blue label which is mostly wines from her native Australia.

Paul Newman – Newman was a very successful businessman with his ‘Newman’s Own’ products. Before he died in 2008, he added a couple of California wines to his products.

Sir Cliff Richard – Sir Cliff Richard is a British singer. He owns wineries that  are producing under the umbrella brand Adega do Cantor .

Sam Niell – Actor Sam Niell produces wines under his Two Paddocks label in New Zealand where he hails from.

Raymond Burr – Raymond Burr Vineyards is located in in Dry Creek Valley, California. The winery was established by Burr back in the 1980s.

Michael Seresin – Seresin has not one but two wine labels.  His ‘Seresin’ and ‘Momo’ are produced in New Zealand.

Gerard Depardieu – Depardieu is a French movie star and he has been making wine for a long time.

Dan Akroyd – Akroyd  launched his own wine in 2008 and is still being sold under the ‘Signature Series’ and Discovery labels.

Maynard James Keenan – Keenan belong to the rock band A Perfect Circle.  He owns Caduceus Cellars which produced its first vintage in 2004.

Sofia Coppola – Daughter of famous director Francis Ford Coppola has a wine range named after her.

These are just some of the more celebrity winemakers of today. There are many more famous people who are into winemaking. There is just something about wines that make them attractive and prestigious to a lot of people.


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