Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

Posted by | Miscellaneous | May 02, 2014

Wine has a long history. Humans have been making wines for thousands of years and there is no end in sight yet to mankind’s fascination with this drink. In fact, more areas now are being dedicated to the cultivation of the grape vine. You have probably heard by now about how drinking wine can be beneficial to your health. Do you believe those claims?

You might be a bit sceptical about the claimed health benefits of wine-drinking because those claims could have been made by the winemakers and wine companies themselves. They could be making those claims to further boost their sales.
But drinking wine has some health benefits that have actually been proven. Here are some of the healthy benefits that you can get out of drinking wine.

Reduces the Risk of Heart Attack

One of the major advantages of drinking wine that has been cited is its ability to reduce the risk of heart attack. A Harvard School of Public Health has shown that those suffering from high-blood pressure have a 30% less chance to have a heart attack if they are regular wine-drinkers.

Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

It is not just the risk of heart attacks that are reduce by drinking wine, but the risk of other problems in connection with the cardiovascular system as well. The tannins of red wines contain procyanidins which can be helpful against heart disease. If you want to get this benefit from wines then make sure that you buy those that come from Sardinia and southwest France as those contain the most procyanidins.

Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

Another important health benefit of drinking wine is that it reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Those who are moderate wine-drinkers have 30% less chance of getting Type 2 Diabetes than those who do not drink wine.

Reduces the Risk Cataracts

One health benefit of wine-drinking that you might not have heard of before is how it can reduce the risk of cataracts. A study conducted in Iceland in 2003 has shown that moderate wine-drinkers have 32% less chance to develop cataracts than those who do not drink wine.

Reduces the Risk of Colon Cancer

There is evidence that wine-drinking will also reduce the risk of colon cancer. In fact wine-drinkers have 45% less chance of developing this type of cancer as compared to those who of not drink wine.

Reduces the Rate of Brain Decline

The brain declines and with old age this can be a real problem. It reduces the ability of a person to deal with everyday life. The good news is that wine-drinking can slow down the rate of brain decline. This was confirmed by a study that was conducted in Columbia University.

There are some other benefits that you can get from drinking wine. Some are backed by scientific studies while others are not. It is up to you if you are going to believe these claims of benefits that you can get from wine-drinking. The important thing is that you should do it in excess.




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