5 simple steps to perfectly tempered wine with VINOMIO (Model No. VIN-0611)

VINOMIO only needs about an hour in the freezer in order to reach its full cooling power, ready to use at any time.
Assemble VINOMIO by screwing the aerator/pourer firmly onto the stainless steel rod you had been storing in the freezer.
Pour about an ounce of wine from the bottle through the aerator and spout to make room for VINOMIO.
Insert VINOMIO into the bottle and carefully press it down until the rubber seal fits snugly in the neck of the bottle.
VINOMIO is now ready for action: Pour the perfectly tempered wine through the drip-free aerator straight into the glass and enjoy!

VINOMIO for White/Sparkling Wine

whitePre-chilled white wine, champagne or prosecco are ready for consumption straight away and will retain their perfect temperature for up to an hour thanks to VINOMIO.

VINOMIO for Red Wine

redTo cool down a red wine from room temperature to the recommended serving temperature ideal for releasing the full flavor of your wine, remove VINOMIO from the bottle after 10–20 minutes.


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