1. Is the correct serving temperature for wine really a big deal?

The temperature at which a wine is served has an immense impact on its taste. For instance, serving a white wine too cold will simply mask its true flavor and you will end up with a very cold, very crispy alcoholic drink, but not much more. On the other hand it is a common misconception that reds should be served at “room temparature” because our definition of “room temperature” has been adjusted over the last century: our rooms are now much warmer than they used to be because of central heating! Bottom line: Chill your whites, but not too much and store reds in a cool place.

3. What is the shipping weight of VINOMIO?

The shipping weight of the VINOMIO Wine Chiller is 5 ounces.

4. What are the dimensions of VINOMIO?

The VINOMIO Wine chiller is 31cm (12 in.) long and has a diameter of 1.5 cm (0.6 in.) at the steel rod and approximately 3cm (1.2 in.) at the pouring spout.

2. What are the temperature guidelines for serving wine?

  • White Wine °F 48-58 / °C 9-14
  • Red Wine °F 57-68 / °C 13-20
  • Rosé Wine °F 48-54 / °C 9-12
  • Sparkling Wine °F 42-54 / °C 6-10
  • Sherry (Light) °F 48-58 / °C 9-14
  • Sherry (Dark) °F 57-68 / °C 13-20

5. How do I clean my VINOMIO? Do I just put it into the dish washer?

Caring for VINOMIO is really easy but never put it into the dish washer! Just give it a quick dip in warm soapy water, rinse and then dry it by hand. PLease don’t leave it to dry, because like with any stainless steel surface, the water drops will dry to leave little water stains on the rod itself.

6. Is VINOMIO safe to use?

VINOMIO is made entirely made of FDA approved materials and is therefor completely safe to use. The rod is made of food-grade 304 satinless steel filled with a non-toxic ice gel, the spout of food-grade acrylic and rubber. In case of breakage, do not ingest the ice gel. Should the gel be accidentally ingested, seek medical advice imediately. Like with all kitchen tools, please keep VINOMIO out of reach of children.

7. Does VINOMIO have any moving parts?

VINOMIO has no flaps or vents or any other unnecessary functions! It has been designed to keep your wine chilled and during the design process all useless moving parts were removed. What is left is a wine serving tool that is optimized for the job. Made from high-quality materials, it is extremely sturdy yet stylish at the same time. The makers of VINOMIO believe that everyday objects for the home should be both functional AND beautiful!

8. Do you offer any discounts?

30off-stoerer Funny you should ask. YES, we do! For a limited time only, VINOMIO is available at Amazon.com at more than 40% below regular price. And that’s not all: If you buy 2 or more you get FREE Shipping at Amazon as well! Hurry while stocks last!

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