VINOMIO is a stylish stainless steel wine chiller with aerator and non-drip pourer

Chills white and red wines to perfection – Use also as champagne cooler – Unlike other wine chillers & coolers, VINOMIO chills from inside the bottle while you pour perfect drinks – The ideal wine accessories gift for Wine Lovers!


The world’s favorite new wine chiller. A sturdy stainless steel wine chilling stick designed for quick and easy use with an integrated pour-through aerator and an elegant, drip-free acrylic pourer. It’s the perfect white wine chiller, ideal also for red and sparkling wines.
You’ll love the way it chills!

Designed for YOU

Unlike other wine accessories and competitors, VINOMIO is a 100% pour-through wine chiller with a beautiful non-drip spout to ensure an entirely mess-free and clean operation. Additionally, the integrated aerator lets the wine breathe, eliminating the need for decanting.
Free the connoisseur in you!


VINOMIO Wine Chiller is made from FDA approved food grade materials. It’s hygienic and easy to clean with no loose parts. The sleek, timeless and stylish mediterranean design fits all standard sized wine bottles. VINOMIO is sturdy and built to last with no nonsense.
Everyone loves a great host!

STOP wasting money

How much do you spend on wine? If you don’t serve your wine at its optimal drinking temperature you’re denying yourself the full flavor contained within the wine, potentially wasting thousands of dollars spent on expensive wines and sparkling wines over the course of a year.
Manage wine temperature like a pro!

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Here's what our customers are saying about VINOMIO

“I am thrilled with my VINOMIO wine chiller…”Sven J.VINOMIO customer
“The perfect hostess gift for a dinner party…”Susan F.VINOMIO customer
“I highly recommend this for anyone who enjoys wine…”Ann M.VINOMIO customer
“Let me tell you: This is the only wine chiller that has  delivered a satisfactory performance!”Benjamin S.VINOMIO customer
“A fun birthday present for a cork dorkSusan F.VINOMIO customer
“A great and solid product!”Elizabeth R.VINOMIO customer
“You can really see how the aerator goes to work: Lots of beautiful bubbles are being formed while you pour the wine!”Delphina W.VINOMIO customer