What is the Ideal Temperature to Serve Wine?

Posted by | Miscellaneous | April 28, 2014

People drink wine for various reasons. There are those who enjoy wine as part of their dining habit, others drink wine when socializing with people, some drink wine to relax and others see it as a hobby. There are those who enjoy it through a mix of these reasons. The reason for drinking can vary […]

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The Loire Valley of France

Posted by | Miscellaneous | April 25, 2014

The Loire Valley is one of the most important regions of France. Situated in the central part of the country, it spans the middle of the Loire River. The region is very important historically, culturally and agriculturally to the French speaking people and shows evidence of being occupied by humans since the Middle Palaeolithic period. […]

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VINOMIO Wine Chiller on sale at 20% off on Amazon

Posted by | Uncategorized | January 09, 2014

(Elkhart, IN. March 19, 2014) Cucinatura announced that their VINOMIO Wine Chiller is on sale at Amazon with immediate effect. The price has been reduced by 20% and the sale will be on while stocks last. Many people who enjoy a good glass of wine feel daunted by the different serving temperatures that are recommended […]

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